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 Throwing away worn carbide inserts? Then you may be interested in a service that not only resharpen those inserts for added use, but also guarantees that the reclaimed inserts will perform at least as well as brand new ones. “Most companies do throw away their worn inserts,” “That’s a waste, because the insert’s usefulness has not been exhausted. We can resharpen it as many as three or four times before it is no longer usable Worn inserts are ground using one or more of four grinding patterns that can be used for virtually any carbide insert. Grinding of the worn insert is confined to the cutting edges. “For example, on a square milling insert, we generally just grind the top of the insert on its outer edge; we don’t grind the full thickness of the insert, so the IC size of the insert remains unchanged,” “And when grinding the top of the insert, we avoid the area where the insert is clamped, so that the reground inset the holder just like a new insert.”


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