Cermet is a cutting tool material composed mainly of TiC (Titanium Carbide) and TiN (Titanium Nitride). The name, cermet, is derived from the words CERAMIC and METAL (representing carbide).As the name suggests, cutting performance is also in the mid-range of ceramics and carbides. The advantages of this material grade are high-quality and excellent surface finishes can be achieved with elevated cutting speeds. Cermet provide extended tool life. 



High quality surface finish

The main components, TiC and TiN, have good deposition resistance as they have low affinity with work materials. Thus, machining with cermet brings high quality surface finish over extended periods of time.



High speed cutting

The main components, TiC and TiN, are more resistant to wear and oxidation at high temperature than WC (tungsten carbide), which is the main component of carbide tools. Because of excellent wear and oxidation resistance, cermet grades are less reactive with work materials and make stable high speed machining possible.


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