NTK’s premium ceramic grades ensure the user higher productivity. All of the grades show superior high temperature hardness, heat resistance and chemical stability. NTK offers many types of ceramic cutting tool materials (silicon nitride-based, alumina-based and whisker-based) in a variety of geometries to meet customer demands. 




Alumina-based ceramics(White ceramics)  


        Gray Cast Iron 


Alumina TiC-based ceramics(Black ceramics)

    Alumina TiC-based ceramics              (Black ceramics) for

  •   Gray Cast Iron
  •   Ductile Cast Iron
  •   Hardened aterials
  •   Mill Rolls 

Silicon nitride-based ceramics

     Silicon nitride-based ceramics for

  • Gray Cast Iron
  • Ductile Cast Iron 

Silicon nitride-based ceramics

 SiAlON ceramics    for      

 Heat Resistant Alloys  


 Whisker-based ceramics 


  • Gray Cast Iron
  • Hardened Materials
  • Mill Rolls

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